Mob Machina NFT White Paper v1.2

Mob Machina is the first line of 3D NFTs created by a gaming guild.
The 5 initial Mech archetypes from left to right: Butcher, Blinder, Godfather, Bruiser, and Trashman


Mob Machina NFT is a line of 3D “Mechs” created by the Atlessio Family gaming guild.
The Atlessio Family is a multicultural mafia-themed gamers guild. We believe blockchain video games will revolutionize how humans across the world choose to earn income.
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What is a blockchain gaming guild?

A blockchain gaming guild is a group of people interested in earning income playing video games together by having tokenized ownership of in-game assets.
For example: Let's imagine Fortnite, one of the largest MMOs in the traditional video game space, was built with blockchain infrastructure. V-bucks (the in-game currency used to purchase Fortnite assets) would have a value attached to it denominated in a reserve currency. At any time you would be able to cash out your V-bucks and exchange them for real money. The same goes for tokenized in-game assets like player skins or weapons. These assets would be NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs are simply a form of tokenized ownership on the blockchain. In this case, you would own your Fortnite assets and have the liberty of trading them on the open market 24/7 in exchange for real money.
The Atlessio Family are the creators of Mob Machina. Our guild was started in 2021, and through collective building we realized we had all the pieces necessary for a successful NFT project. The main short term utility for Mech holders includes our version of the community wallet dubbed the "Yield Pool". This will be the first community wallet operated by a gamers guild. For more information on the mechanics please visit page 4.1 Yield Pool.
Atlessio Family Twitter: https://twitter.com/Atlessio​
Mob Machina Twitter: https://twitter.com/MobMachinaNFT​
Website: https://mobmachina.com​
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