2. Archetypes

10,000 total supply released in 5 batches called archetypes.
The supply pool of Mechs will increase over time to a maximum supply of 10,000 with 5 drops of 2000 supply each. Each drop will have a different theme with significantly different traits that will form tranches of rarity among the total batch. Each archetype consists of 5 sub-archetypes, each consisting of at least 7 traits.
Artwork above is not the official artwork to be tokenized.

The Five Mech Archetypes

Godfather - 2000 Supply

The Godfather Mechs are the genesis batch of Mob Machina NFTs and represent the Italian-American Mafia bosses of the 20th century. Godfathers sub-archetypes include (rarities): Basic (40%), Naked (30%), ScarMech (20%), Don (9%) and Space Don (1%)
Basic Godfather

Blinder - 2000 Supply

The Blinders derive their influence of design from the street gang based in Birmingham, England in the late 19th century called the Peaky Blinders. Blinder sub-archetypes include (rarities): TBA
Basic Blinder

Bruiser - 2000 Supply

The Bruiser archetype represents the amalgamation of many infamous eastern European mafias.
Bruiser sub-archetypes include (rarities): TBA
Basic Bruiser

Butcher - 2000 Supply

While Butchers have no single official organized group associated with them, they represent the "muscle" of the organization. (Ex: Luca Brasi - The Godfather)
Butcher sub-archetypes include (rarities): TBA
Basic Butcher

Dragon - 2000 Supply

Trashmen represent the earners of the organization. Entrepreneurial in nature, no stream of income is too crude for the earners - not even waste collection.
Trashman sub-archetypes include (rarities): TBA
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