1. Lore


Mechs are the protectors of Atlessio Family members.
Each unique Mech is bonded to their owner via a Blood Oath Ritual. Once bonded, the only thing that can break said bond is destruction of the Atlessio crystal (heart) of the mech.
The attributes sported by each Mech represent the style of their human leaders.
Bruiser's Atlessio Crystal

A note from A.G, Caporegime

This is what we know about our Mob Machina, at least so far. First of all, they’re here. 10,000 of them, give or take a dozen. A present from our future selves. A present we weren’t expecting, which is always the best kind of present.
They arrived on a beautiful morning, not more than a year ago, Spring 2619 on the Don Kane’s birthday. As is his custom on all days, the Don Kane woke just after dawn, and took his morning coffee on the veranda of his mansion suite. What was different about this particular morning was this:
Down below, in the statue-lined gravel courtyard of the Atlessio Mansion, and spilling into the manicured grounds beyond, stood an army. One hundred rows of one hundred, humanoid soldiers made of some kind of metal or heavy element shell, stood perfectly spaced with perfect posture, their purpose yet unknown to the Don. Now, I wasn’t there, but I’d bet you 10 to 1 that I would have run back inside and gone for my gun had I been presented with this scene before my proper caffeine fix. But Kane, he didn’t do that. Of course he didn’t. Kane took a civilized gulp from his coffee mug and calmly waited for the universe to finish presenting him with whatever the hell this was.
When not one of the machines did so much as twitch for a couple of minutes, Kane opened the envelope on the balcony table that was addressed to him. It was a birthday card, and inside the card was something called the “Manual of the Mob Machina”.
Inside the card was a hand-written greeting, from someone called Don Corbius II. Who we hadn’t heard of. We assume he’s from the future, or if not, another dimension, or both. Pick your theoretical physics of choice, we have no idea. We’re working on it. Anyway, the following is what Don Corbius the Second scribbled for Don Kane the First on his birthday. We’ve tried it all different ways and it reads best when recited with an east coast Italian American accent and cadence. (Our best guess is that our future Don presumed we all speak like lovable goombahs out of Goodfellas or The Sopranos, or that he watches and just really digs twentieth century mob movies. Who doesn’t?) So here it is—think Pesci maybe, or Gandolfini—
In case you’re wondering, yeah, it was a very large birthday card, and the writing was very small.
So after that, after Kane read the card, he sat and had a good think, as the Don Kane is known to do. Eventually, he waved to the Machina, kind of like the Pope would do, but without the tender and mild feeling to the wave. In eerie unison, they waved back, all 10,000 of them, and marched into the mansion. They built the “battery room” in four hours, to house themselves.
And there was one hell of a party in the Mansion that night. It’s still being talked about.
Familia, Felicitas, et Victoria,
The Atlessio Family
P.s. The Manual of the Mob Machina looked like this...