4. Utility

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Holders of Mob Machina NFTs will be rewarded periodically with different kinds of NFT assets such as weapons, badges and other lore related items.
Many of these airdrops will hold utility in the minigames created by the Atlessio Family.

Metaverse Integration

Many of our future operations will be within the metaverse. We will integrate our 3D models into game engines on metaverse platforms that allow 3rd party development. As the lore states, Mechs are the protectors of the Atlessio Family members. We will work with game developers to integrate game mechanics in order to use the mechs as NPC bodyguards/weapons in a variety of metaverses.

Gamified Community Events

Holders will be incentivized to participate in unique Gamified Community Events that involve working together with other community members to achieve a certain goal and receive some kind of reward (NFTs, whitelists for future projects, merch drops, etc.).

Yield Pool

50% of all proceeds will be used to hire the Atlessio Family gamers guild to operate metaverse assets owned by Mob Machina. NFT holders will eventually be able to vote on a continual, periodic yield distribution upon construction of the DAO.
For a much deeper dive, please refer to section 4.1 Yield Pool of this white paper.